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Mindfulness for Coaches

An Experiential Guide


Our book, Mindfulness for Coaches, lays out a set of systematic methods that help you to cultivate and embody a way of being which supports growth and transformation – both in yourself and others.

It is the first book of its kind to be an experiential guide – inviting and supporting you to engage with the eight-week programme: Mindfulness for Coaches. Our book describes new qualitative research into the potential impact of mindfulness on coaching process and outcomes and is the first book of its kind to explicitly link mindfulness practice to global standards of coaching mastery.

Research from the field of psychotherapy shows that rather than the therapist’s preferred methodology, the biggest variance in client outcomes results from their way of being with clients. Mindfulness training offers the possibility of greater transformational coaching as a result of how coaches are, first of all with themselves, and then in turn with others. This calls for a regular discipline of personal practice. Just as going to the gym regularly makes you fitter, so regular mindfulness practice brings out changes in your level of overall mindfulness.

Mindfulness for Coaches shares theory and research on the benefits of mindfulness training and explores how mindfulness might feature in coaching work. But this book is not about coaching ‘tools and techniques’. It’s about how you can more deeply attune to yourself and so to your clients, and how you can create transformational resonance.

Section One

Outlines the eight-week programme, Mindfulness for Coaches.

Section Two

Clarifies links between mindfulness, coaching mastery and different coaching approaches; shares developments from the fields of psychotherapy, leadership and organization development; and provides guidance for further development.


Nancy Kline

Nancy Kline

Founder and President of Time To Think

“The beating heart of coaching is generative attention. Silken. Serene. Seamless. Michael and Mark understand this. They embody it. And they are offering to us all, eloquently, the knowledge that inhabits it. This book is a coach’s long-needed teacher.”

Liz Hall

Liz Hall

Coach, Author of Mindful Coaching and Editor of Coaching at Work

“I believe mindfulness training should be a vital component of all coach training, and that all coaches would benefit from having a regular mindfulness practice. So this book is the equivalent of music to my ears. Not only very well researched, it’s very practical, laying out a clear map to follow for any coach who wants to incorporate mindfulness into their coaching practice, and their lives. If you really want to make a difference, read this book!”

Trudi Ryan

Trudi Ryan

Executive Chair, Coachmatch

“A must read for any coach committed to personal mastery, Mindfulness for Coaches offers us a wonderful route to a truly embodied coaching presence. This is an important book, created with heart, soul and dedication. We – and all those we coach – will benefit from the gifts that it brings.”

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